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What Mobo to buy ???

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New Member
Mar 14, 2001
Hi I got a AMD k6/2 500 @ 550 and 384 MB of Ram 256 off it is PC 133

I wana upgrade that old thing and get a Thunderbird 1 gig or a 1.2 gig ( not sure how much Money I can spend )

I need Info on what MOBO would ne good to get and easy to Overclock
and DO I need RAID?? is it a must have ?

please tell me what Mobo I should get ( not to expensive) and why ?
and is the 100 $ cdn more for the 1.2 gig ok or is the 1 gig good enough and easy to overclock ...and one more thing what cooling should I use >??
maybe some links where I can buy Hardware Cheap in Canada ( would be nice)
lots of Questions sorry .....but I am the Newbie
Thx all
In spite of the things you may have heard about the Iwill KK266, I would recommend this board. The price is similiar to what you will find for Mobo's with the KT133A Northbridge (allows for 133 front side bus speeds).

There were some problems with this board that seem to have worked themselves out. The manufacturer has done returns on defective boards and suggests there won't be any more defectives sold after March 5th.

There is an excellent review on our main page here at the forum and another one at THISURL. The board has some great features and the right combination of bios settings and jumpers. Check it out. You may find links to vendors for this board here but I don't have one for you. I bought mine at motherboards.com but they are not highly rated and I would not have done so had I known that at purchase time.

Also if you can swing it the 1.2 Gig 266 FSB processor can be found for $249 US. at LynnComp which is a highly rated store.

Crucial.com has some good buys on CAS 2 RAM sticks in PC133.

Good luck with your O/C.