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What!! My psu can’t run Star Craft??

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cyber mouse45

Cyber Cheesiest Senior
Jan 31, 2002
Ok guys I have a problem, or at least I think I might. A few minutes ago I tried to play Star Craft for the first time since installing XP and my new 80 gig hard drive. But every time I start to play, my Asus Probe comes up. See the four red spots? Those are the four times I tried to play it. Every time I start to play, Asus Probe starts beeping so I alt + tab out of the game, and it stops after a sec. Then I alt + tab back in, and it starts beeping again after a sec. What’s going on?? This never happened in 98 before. Is my pc going to blow up, or should I not worry about it?? If you need any more info on my pc, just let me know. Thanks!
Im no expert but itsprobably doing that because the -5 is so far off. Mines pretty bad too but I was tld (on this forum) not to sweat it as nothing really uses the -5... You can change the settings in the software a to when it sets of the alarms.
Don't sweat the -5v. If it gets really really bad then you should take a closer look. But I don't see what in the world makes your -5 drop so low. But if the game runs and your temps are good...then go for it.
But that is just IMHO
Get Hoot in here....lol....he knows everything about PSUs. :)
I wouldn't worry until the computer starts crashing... I'd turn up the acceptable variance for -5 Volt in AsusProbe. If the system does start to get unstable, you may want to look in to it.
Thanks guys, but can you tell me why it just started doing that??
Who knows, motherboard monitors are touchy, maybe there is something that happened that it reads different now. It could just be that the PSU slowly deteriorates, and it finally got to where it runs below that spec at load.