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what no openGl?

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Sep 7, 2001
alright i had a irq problem so i disabled acpi but now i had to reinstall my drivers so for my video card i tried using normal win 2k drivers and they worked but they dont have opengl or direct3d cuz when i try to play a game it says that. So i tried the detenator 23.11 but my computer would freeze during bootup. So i tried my drivers that came with the video card but the same thing happenes!! Do the detenator drivers have opengl in em? im lookin for something besisdes the damed 23.11s wow this sucks!! thanks for any help

alright im out, peace
You could try the 27.70 detonator betas. Search on google or yahoo and you will find them. Your saying the drivers that came with the card gave you problems also?
The 23.11 drivers are the best for me so far. I am surprised they don't work at all for you bmxpunk, you did uninstall the other drivers first, don't mean to insult your intelligence. That's a problem I had recently though. Also I'm pretty sure they have the openGL drivers, but I'm no expert, sorry.:beer:
yea some funny crap lol. The original drivers dont work..lol. yea the 23.11 crapped out on me. Ill look for the 27.xx ones if i could find them. But listen to this, when i go to screensaver, and select the screen saver that says opengl next to it, it works.

thanks for your help so far!
No i tried all the detenator drivers and still no good. All i did is turn of ACPI. Does this mean i have to reinstall windows?