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What NOT to do when cleaning...

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Aug 14, 2014
Found this on the ROG facebook page, apparently some guy dropped thermal paste on the socket then tried to clean it off with a towel...


pic: u/Naedtrax
Now, I do some socket repairs now and then, but this is one I'd definitely pass on.

Don't think I'd have the patience to sit there and bend that many back into place. Plus probably half of them are so badly bent that they'd break off before they got back into their "home" positions.

Don't really get the ADD comment.

Ya gotta wonder how much paste this guy dropped in the socket that he thought he'd need a towel to clean it up.
I think he meant OCD @Tech Tweaker. Wife has a mild case of it and I know she wouldn't drop this until every pin was straight again. Who ever said this condition was all bad never saw one fixing computers or old clocks :rofl:
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WOW, probably one of those fix it guys from craigslist ha ha
Looks like some of the RMA replacement boards I have gotten back from the manufacturers.
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Im at a loss for words as to what the thought process here was.......
I'm still trying to understand how all those pins were damaged with a towel, and not noticed during the process of cleaning as one would think it took more than 1 wipe with a towel or rag. I've never touched one of those pins...how fragile are they or are they somewhat stiff? There's not a trace of thermal paste on there so was it sprayed with electronics cleaner to get it all out?

With that being said...it almost looks like he tried to install the chip incorrectly or the wrong cpu. The pins aren't damaged near the bottom of the pic so it kinda looks like he tried to secure a chip with the locking arm then realized it was a no go. The damage seems to taper off towards the bottom of the pic, as well as the pins bent in every direction incosistant of a wipe with a rag... so could they have been smashed by the locking arm as he tried to secure the chip?

Just a thought based on what I see.