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what prog i need to get icq ,msn works??

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Feb 2, 2002
ok i now there is licq..but it only for icq..
i want to use both msn and icq..

and i come out with centericq from freshmeat..
tried to install it..but it cannot detect my libsigc++..and Glib..i have installed the lib also..but still they won't detect it

ok someone told me to use apt-get update..

but i get error..there are 2 version of ncurses(one of dependacy needed for centericq)

i have tried to delete all file contain ncurses..
but it won't dissapear from my system..
i don't know other way to uninstall program so far..

ok anybody please guide me through..

or if u guys know other prog..that i can use..MSN and ICQ is needed..other messenger i don't really care


Oct 10, 2002
Highland Park, NJ
try this http://www.everybuddy.com/en/index.php

AIM support
ICQ support
Yahoo! support
MSN Messenger support
Jabber support
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) support
Transparent protocol level - one buddy, one chat window, as many different accounts on as many different IM systems as you like!
Graphical smileys, with themes (see the screenshots section)
File Transfer between EB clients(threaded)
File Transfer (Recieve Only) from native AIM users
File Transfer from/to native MSN users
File Transfer from/to native Yahoo users
Automatic translation using Babelfish
Offline Messaging
Dockable Status bar
Create hyperlink from URL in chat window
Logging of conversations
Away mode and other status indicators
All configuration is graphical
Tabbed chat, with a colour change to indicate which tabs have new messages waiting
Play sounds(esd and arts are supported too)
Importing of gnomeicu, gaim, and Licq buddy lists


Aug 18, 2002
Gaim works for AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, & MSN. It came with my Mandrake 9, but you didn't mention what you have - check to see if it's available, if not, DL it.


Feb 2, 2002
i try everybuddy..
and got prob with file transfering..and load icq database

does anybody try gaim and able to use icq database and file transfering???

and i'm using red hat 8


Senior Member
May 20, 2001
I like gaim, although I don't use ICQ. I know aim file transfer works. You might want to upgrade to the latest version. http://gaim.sourceforge.net

Although I'm rather ****ed off at the gaim developers for a number of reasons, I think it's the best IM prog available even though it lacks a lot of the functionality. I'm lost without a built in spellcheck.