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what program would be best for this

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The Jet Man!
Feb 25, 2003
I am really wanting to create and animate some things. Mainly scenes and object, but in a moving enviroment. I have a very creative mind, but would like to apply it to something that i can see/hear. Things like, very cool jet dog fights, tank fights, car chases ect. Things you would see in movies. I know its alot of work, but you have to start somewhere.


May 23, 2002
3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Rhino... the list goes on.

You can download Maya PLE (personal learning edition) at www.alias.com . Maya is hard to master, and I've spent about $200 in books, but still to no avail. I might be selling a few in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled if your interested. Just PM me if you've got any questions, I may not be able to help right away, but I could at least find the answer.

Also take a look at www.3dbuzz.com . They've got excellent forums similar to these, and the people are very helpful there.

Good Luck.