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what ram is dual chan?

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Jun 27, 2002
There is budget CORSAIR XMS 3200 (512x2) ram that goes for $99-109 on googlegear and then there is $150 on Newegg.

the cheap stuff is cas 2.5 434mhz, and the good stuff is cas 2.0 400mhz.

are they both dual chan? or do i need to buy the "twinx" crap for dual chan? or does twinx just refer to that youre buying two sticks?

ALSO... i currently have have two sticks of the 256mb 3200 platinum twinx stuff. but i need 1gb.

the ram is at 377mhz at 2.0 2-2-2-5, im wondering on how well the cheaper stuff will do. do you think it will hit 377mhz and for the timings to be lowered?



polka dot ninja
Dec 23, 2002
Doylestown, PA
I think that any memory can be run dual channel. You should definatley be going for the CAS 2 stuff though, CAS 2.5 isn't nearly as good.

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Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
I would buy exactly what you already own in order to have matching RAM, or buy 2 sticks of 512 meg RAM and sell your old stuff. You don't need special dual channel RAM, however, dual channel pairs are supposed to be hand picked and tested, which results in costing a little more.