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What ram speed do I need fo rmy oc?

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Dec 21, 2003
Austin, TX
Hi, I'm a n00b when it comes to understanding the memory speeds.

I've heard of guys ocing their p4 2.6c's to 3.7 ghz. I want to try and get mine to 3.6 ghz. With a multiplier of 13, that means I need to get my fsb to 278, right?

So with an fsb of 278, if I run in a 5:4 ratio, that means I need a memory speed of 222.4, or 444.8 DDr.

Is this correct? If so, how fast do I need my memory to be? pc3200, 3500, 4000?

I THINK that is correct but I am a little shaky on that ratio stuff, takes a lotta thinking for me for some reason. Anyhow the faster the better really, but anything with BH-5 chips should get you where you need if you put enough voltage into it... check this thread out for that. If you don't mind about it OC much past the rated speed though PC3500 is rated at 216mhz, so you might be able to just get luck and get to ~222, PC 3700 ~= 233 (I think), 4000 ~= 250mhz
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Hey, thanks for the reply. Couldn't I get the pc3500 and overclcok it to 222.4? Or when you say rated to 216, that means thats the highest its supposed to go even on an overclock?

I'd like to figure htis stuff out soon because I'm buying new ram soon. Thanks!
Yes, you could probably (likley if it's good memory like Corasir XMS, good kingson or Mushkin) OC it to 222, but no gaurentees. All the rating says is that they are sure it will run at that and gurrentee it, it may go no higher or a whole lot higher:D
Get the Mushkin BL2 3500. I have the 3200 and It's at 225 FSB 1:1 at 2-2-2-5 timings on 2.9 volts. No errors in memetest, this is some good stuff :)
Why do I need to get the Mushkin 3500 though? If the 3200 runs at 225, and all I need is 222.4, can't I just get the 3200?

Thanks for the help so far
Thats IF the 3200 will run 222mhz... It depends on how luck you get... You don't HAVE to get the mushkin stuff but it does OC well, if I had the money it's what I would get. To not overclock and get 222mhz at least you would need PC3700, but most decent sticks of PC3500 (like the mushkin ones for example) should get you there easily.