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What setup is best for me???

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Apr 7, 2001
Right now my 1.2/200 T-bird is way to hot and i was going to upgrade it. What water cooled syst or air cooled system would work best. i have 128mb PC133, bitchin 500watt sound system- 2x10" speakers for it :) 300watt power supply. a full tower with 2 80mm fans at top 1 80 mm fan at bottom and 1 120mm fan near cpu, also soon to have a orb on chipset. A voodoo 5 64meg which windows only detects 30. Here is an attached picture of the room i have to work with
go with some water cooling, you got plenty of room to put everything you need in that case. Check around this forum to see others setups and get an idea of what to do.

Go danger den on the watercooling, they are the best!
What price range is that my old man isn't real keen on the water cooling idea. i always was gotta make the money my self
well it varies on the degree that you would do it. Lets check danger den

Maze2 Waterblock - $42
CoolingCube - $55.00 (there are cheaper radiators out there, this is the best)
Tube o Arctic Silver II - $8.00
Water Wetter - $5.00
Tubing 15 feet(get this from the depot for cheaper) - $37.50
Eheim 1046 Pump - $42.00
Various other stuff - $20.00

Total - 209.50 plus shipping

Do not be dismayed by the cost. You can get a kit for cheaper, or scour and find say a cheaper radiator, and a cheaper pump and pull down the price a lot. Air cooling would run in the neighborhood of $75.00 after hsf and the casefans. Watercooling is better, and when a new cpu comes out, just get a new waterblock. Don't have to replace everything else.
Also the chipset cooler would that be for motherboard or geforce 2
I bet you could drop alot of cpu temp with a blowhole. That VooDoo is so damn big its blockin all your airflow. A blowhole above it would be helpful, if you decide to go with air cooling.