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what should be the temp?

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me and my friend just poot the termal compound on his cpu: its an unoc'ed p3 800(we want to check the cooling before oc'ing) were using asus prob.before the grease it was 25-30c on idle and 50-57c full load and now its 28-33c on idle and 43-48c full load but the thing is that i poot a thik layr of grease on cpu core and all the ppl here told me that i should use a thin paper like layr so the q is should i get some of and use the thiknes advised or is it allright now and i should just leave it be?
you want it as this as you can get it, you are best putting a small bead of the compound at the top of the slug and then using a razor blade to spread it very thinly, then put the heat sink on and move it very slightly trying not to twist it.
The thermal paste should cover the top of the CPU, in a uniform layer 1/1000th of an inch thick. Try as I may, I can't quite pull this off. Make it as thin as possible, yet leave no bare spots. And yes, you should wipe what's on there now off, and replace it with a proper application of paste.