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What should I be shooting for?

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Aug 17, 2001
Folding points wise, day to day and for a week with my system seen in my signature. I have had to lower my clock down some howerver running at 2.070 given the warmer temperatures.


Apr 29, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
hard to say with the new gromacs running wild. But on the old tinker core your XP2200 should do about 50 to 65 pts a week easy as a modest figure. However with the emergence of the highly productive pala protein using the gromac core that number can change dramatically.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

If you use few cpu-intensive tasks for a whole week, expect about 80 points. With the latest gromacs WU, it could be as high as 330/week. But then, the PAla7-2 is not gonna last very long, though there might just be more new gromacs WU's on the way that offer similar boosts in production.

To track progress, get Electron Microscope 3- www.em-dc.com

To run the gromacs core, make a shortcut to the [email protected] exe and edit the proerties. (Right-click, choose properties) On the target line, you'll see the directory the [email protected] exe is located in quotes. add these flags: -advmethods -forceasm

Ex: "C:/Program Files/FAH/[email protected]" -advmethods -forceasm

There is a space before the hyphen in each flag. You will need to restart the client using this new shortcut to receive gromacs work units. If it is already folding something, it will need to finish the current unit before it switches over to gromacs.

You could then drop this shortcut in your stratup folder so that it would run at strat-up. Or there a a couple of other weays to go about this. Check on the threads about gromacs or the folding FAQ sticky if you want to explore a few other options.