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What should I buy?

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Jan 8, 2001
I've a P3 700@933 that runs at 51°C at full load with a Coolermaster DP5-6H51. I'd like to buy a Alpha PEP66 or a GoldenOrb. What's the best choice?
The Alpha PEP66 is much better than any Golden Orb, so it would be the way to go. The Golden Orb is ok for its price, but it doesn't even come near the performance you will see with an Alpha or a Global Win cooler...

51c is also very high, even for a stock heatsink... are you sure that it is attached well, and that you haven't used too much thermal grease?
allan is right. the orb is great bang for your buck, but if you have the money, then definitely go with the alpha! remember to get the new pep66 if your cpu is socketed. the old pep66s were for cpus on slockets, and required a bit of modding for regular socket use.
I'd like to reach a 35°C on full load. Is the GoldenOrb "strong" enought?