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what specs do i need to look for to watch movies and media?

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Jul 15, 2013
ok so im looking to buy a used laptop for the wife so she can lay in bed and watch avi and mpeg 4 video files off the hard drive. we already have a desktop for surfing the net and all that jazz this laptop will be strictly for watching movies off the hard drive, we are wanting to know the minimum specs for doing this ie how much ram is min how many core what cpu type all that jazz. reason for buying used is one its cheap and 2 we wont be out several hundred dollars if the wife breaks it or falls asleep with it on so what should i be looking for on ebay specs wise also will integrated gpu's work or do we need to go dedicated?

edit i just need to know the bare minimum this laptop will only be for 720 and 1080p media files off the hard drive
technically, what you really want just for watching movies in bed is an 8", 10" or 11" tablet