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What temps are You guys getting for a GF4 4600?

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Aug 20, 2001
I have a Visiontek GF4 TI 4600 running at 320/725.I have replaced the fan with one off of a blue orb(lapped the original HS) and use AS II.I also added a 50mm fan to the top of the card to blow air on the backside of the chip.I have an 80mm fan blowing fresh air in on my cards.my Case temp is 25C,Idle for the card is 51C but looping 3dmarks my card hits 55C.This seems hot but I just wanted to see what others are getting.

My card at these speeds and temps seems rock solid and I have yet to see any artifacts on games or testing.

I read the temp off the backside of the chip using my Digital Doc 5.
i have my PNY ti 4600 @ 320/720 with alpha 1U cooler mod and ramsinks.. Your temps are fine.. before my modd if i touch the back of the card for more than .5 seconds my finger with warm.. now I can get it on like 6 seconds before I feel anything..
How did you attach your IU.I was thinking about trying it but i dont want to use adhesive to do it.I've seen where people have drilled holes to match the board.Did you see the diferent in temps by reversing the fan?It works alot better by drawing air off instead of blowing on the HS.If you could,I would like to know what your temps are with that cooler.Thanks in advance!
ok shadow.. Here's the scoop.. if you have your case open like I have mine... blowing it better.. sucking gave me 320MHz, but blowing gave me 325MHz.. I used artic silver adhesive.. drilling holes is a bit extreme... my temps.. well? I have no way to measure them, but all i can tell you is this: at 300MHz with stock cooler it runs at least 2x hotter than with the Alpha 1U cooler with fan blowing at 325MHz.. quite a difference.. I might mod a 30CFM on there but later on I think my card is fast enough..lol anymore question just ask..good luck..
Hey we think alike.. I did the same thing, only I just put my tower on my window with the open side of the case pointing outside.. it was 27F outside which let me overclock my 1.6A to 2.9GHz.. :0)