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What the best cooler Period.

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To Hot To Handle

New Member
Jul 13, 2001
I need to know what is the best HSF, HSF Peltier Combo, Water Cooler, Water Cooler Peltier Combo (preferably HSF only, I'm cheap :) ), for my system. It is running so hot that I have my window fan pointed directly at it all day on high!! Anyway, please help


PS. I need the case at this link!
Athlon T-bird 1.3Ghz
512 PC133 RAM
KT133A Chipset (I know it's quirky)
(2) 40 gig HDs
12x10x32 Burner
300W PS(will upgrade if needed)
Extremely crappy CPU HSF
PCI slot dual fan cooler (ummm, yeah, it says 36CFM, I believe it's about ummmm.....1CFM!!)
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The 'best' is nothing more than an opinion and personal choice, this situation can be displayed clearly when asking 'what is the best motherboard'.. So you should consider this when reading the replys.

Apparently the hsf of choice at the moment is the Millennium Gladiator which apparently is exceptionally good.
I know very little about watercooling apart from that it can not be done properly on the 'cheap'

What are your tempratures ?
pauldogg (Jul 13, 2001 03:04 a.m.):
If you wanted the absoulout best and didn't mind the noise, The mc462 and a 80mm delta fan.
But, you said you were cheap, and this setup will be like 80$

this is the best hsf setup. You will be hard pressed to find a water cooling setup for this price that will outperform it. You can get slightly less performance if you move to the SK-6 and Glaciator which are about $45 each. Water is better, and the best is to get a DD maze2 block, dangerden cube, and a danner or eheim pump. But thats going to run around $150 or more.