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what to buy?

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Mr. Chambers

Feb 25, 2001
hey everyone, my current system is as follows:

-800mhz AMD T-Bird (not a good overclocker)
-384MB DDR (356 OCZ 2700) (128 Crucial)
-Shuttle AK3.1 Revision 3 MB KT266A
-ATI Radeon 32MB DDR
-45GB IBM Deskstar HD
-Pioneer 16X DVD Drive
-Sony 8x4x32x CD-RW Drive
-Enlight Case with 300w p.s.

i will also be recieving a new motherboard shortly, a bit older MSI KT Pro2-A. my question is what would be the best combination of parts, (it is OK to mix and match from my current pc too.. like i want the 800 t-bird to be the processor of my "new" second system, and i want a new athlon xp for my current system setup, for example...) i do NOT have alot of money.. so i would like to know the best bang for your buck components to order and put together. thanks for all your help!
Apr 20, 2001
santacruz county, ca
I'm not exactly sure i understand your question but I think you are saying that you'll build two seperte pcs once you get the msi board? if thats the case then i would put the msi board and the tbird together and the athlon xp w/ the shuttle ak31. if you clarify your queation i'll answear, i'm just going on 48+ hours of no sleep and lots of alchohol lol, so iu'm kinda confused.

Anyways welcome Mr. Chambers to the best forum on the net, and i hope you enjoy your stay.


Aug 21, 2001
Somewhere within 20ft of a gun rack.
Depends, what are your needs for this second PC?

Your going to need PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM for the MSI board, and make sure you flash the BIOS on it to the latest when you get it. MSI is notorious for having a BIOS update every week.

I would go with a Thermalright SK-6 HSF when you switch the 800 over to the second PC, seeing as you can't use any HSF/waterblock that requires bolt downs (Like Alpha PAL8045 or DangerDen Maze2) on that MSI.

I would go with XP1800+ pretty good OC'er once you get her unlocked.

All my contributions at this time. Welcome to the forums.



Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
Hmmm thats a start.

Sell your 256 OCZ ram. OCZ is a bad brand for ram. 128 maybe a little too little. Like different brands usually don't like each other.

I would do the following:

Athlon XP 1600+
Shuttle AK3.1

Swap the following onto computer 2:
ATI Radeon 32DDR

If you can trade your 384 ram in Febuary as ram prices go up AGAIN. Then buy two sets of Crucial DDR PC2100 (One for each system).

And the rest is up to you.