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What to do next?? Water, Peltier Or Fan´s??

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Mar 28, 2001
I have:

TB [email protected] with FOP-38 and 120mm Case fan blowing in air from the side, it´s placed in parallel with the Cpu.

My temp idle is 40-41c and at full load 45c, never seen 46c.( Too bad it´s way to noisy )
Mobo is at constant 32c, thanks to the 120mm fan.

From this point it´s all great, but i´have seen it post at 1607mhz with an Ambient temp of 5c.( I was wearing jacket and boot´s in the bedroom, brrr ) Cpu 27c idle at that point,only Fan´s

At 1554mhz i went in to Windows, then i realised that i need more cooling.

I have ASUS A7Vkt133a and it will be modded, so i can go for 2.1Vcore or more.
But NOT until more cooling will be added !!

So my question is, what type of cooling method should i use.

Anyone with experience... Plaese.

That is an excellent load temperature for an FOP-32 and 1.5G. I wonder if your in-socket thermistor is reading as good as it could. If you have not already done so, consider repositioning it beneath the center of the core and in direct contact with the bottom of the cpu. It's an easy mod. I have a brief article detailing it on the front page, down a ways, or here is a simple graphic depiction.