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What to do, what to do!? (Which set of GPUs)

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Apr 20, 2006
England - Where VAT hurts my pocket :(
I'm sending my HD3870X2 back because the fan on it has gone dodgy and now makes a ton more noise then it should .. I'll be sent a replacement which I'm thinking of selling (so that's £250 to spend) .. But what do I go with after that?!?! :confused:

I think my options are basically ..

  • Grab an 9800GTX - One of Evga's OC'ed ones I'd think + a blue-ray drive with the little bit spare, then get a 2nd around July (my bday :D) followed by a 3rd when I have the money
  • Get an 9800GX2 - followed by a 2nd around the same time i'd get a 3rd GTX
  • Get 1 (or 2) 9600s to hold me other until the new cards come out when I'd get a single high end card (GTX type/XT type)

So what do you guys reckon??

Cheers :beer:
SPend a little to get an aftermarket cooler for your x2, sell off the x2 when the 9900/4k series come out..