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what to do with the stupid intel fan

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well i dont know about you people but with a bit of duck tape and my old intel fan from my socket 370 celeron 466 i was able to cool down my diamond viper 550 by about 800 degrees. if you have one laying arround strap it on your vid card.
yeA, intel should just make vid card coolers. I think it out-preforms the BLORB.

Well, if a blorb cools a vid card, how about a GORB with a CHORB clip (absolutly screwy)
Actually i have an old celeron 466 intel heatsink/fan. I was planning on putting it on my TNT 2 Ultra when it's fan dies, but the stupid thing is still going strong, and i don't want to mess the vid card up incase i can't get the intel heatsink attached to the vid card.