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What to do???

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Mar 25, 2001
I have two IBM 60GXP drives, one has failed totally and one is slowly fading into oblivion. I have a Asus GF3 that I tweeked just a little to far and has never worked the same since. I am planning to upgrade my entire system after the Clawhammer comes out, like in a year and a half or so. I need to replace the drives soon, end of May at the latest, and I need to replace the vid card soon as well. I was going to get a GF4 TI4600 untill the HD's went to trash, but now I can't afford both. I know Serial ATA is on the way in, but when will it become mainstream?? Do I go ahead and get top of the line or do I skimp now and save for the big overhall of my system??. I want one of the new Wester Digital drives with the 8mb of cache, but will it be worth the extra cash?? All I plan on doing is gaming, Visual Studio, Photoshop, and maby some 3D design. Could someone lead me in the right direction??


Sneaky Moderator
Apr 17, 2001
Springfield, IL
It sounds like you are trying to anticipate the computer market. Give up. No matter what you get something better will be available next week.
There is no "right direction", it depends on your needs and cash flow. If you are going to do graphics, then you need closer to top of the line, if your cash is tight then you will have to settle for a little lower. In your case a nice, reliable, standard ATA 100 hard drive might be appropriate, but I do not know the details of your situation.