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What To Get? So Many Choices 1St Time WC'er Seeks Advice

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Jan 29, 2009
East Coast NJ
Hello one and all. New to the board here and having a bit of a brain Freeze here in picking out the WCing components, with a few Questions.

I will be getting to my new build in the near future here, the reason why I say that is because I was and still am all set to order all the components / parts / what ever I need to get this build going. But some very serious issues have recently came up with my 11 yr old daughter in school, we have to get her to a child Psychologist, my god what has this world come to, that an 11 yr old needs to see a shrink.

Anyway my build will be on hold for a little while, so for right now I just want to get all my ducks in a straight line and in order this way when I get to building, I have my facts and all I have to do is order and build without asking more questions, I hope that is. Any way this build I'm WCing and not going to rush things, not to mention that this is the first time I will be WCing. I have been doing the Review upon Review Upon Review thing to death really and for the most part I found almost nothing up to date, meaning within the past 6 months to a year.

Almost Everything I found was 2&3 years old and older, So I got on to another Board and started asking questions and posted a list of Components that I thought and heard was the better out of what is on the market when it comes to WCing, well it turns out that was back in the day, almost 4 yrs back in the day, I was going with the Aqua Computer line for just about everything except for the Graphics cards and I was not sure that I wanted to, but I have since changed my mind and will do so.

As for my WCing Budget it is between $500.00 - $600.00, If I have to put out a little more so be it, I will have a lot invested in this build, so I do not want to skimp on cooling, I do not mind spending the extra Money as long as I know I'm getting Quality performance.

List Of Component:
Case: Tagan A+ Black Pearl WCR Full Tower -Have Already
MoBo: ASUS Rampage II Extreme -Have Already
PSU: Enermax REVOLUTION85+ -Have Already
CPU: Intel® Core™ I7-965
GPU: VisionTek Radeon HD 4870 X2 (Cross Fire)
HDD: VelociRaptor X2

And yes I will be exercising my right to OC :) as well as gaming

First & Formost I want Performance, the Bling will come later, Here is the list of WCing Components that I'm on the fence about, as well as a couple things that I'm not really understanding. And more than likely, I will be better off doing Two loops, one For The Graphics Cards And one for The CPU due to the amount of heat that I will have to deal with here. And I'm still thinking(hard that is) of WCing the N/B-S/B If I do? I figure it go on the CPU loop. Bitspower will be coming out with a new Block as it is posted here

The Radiators: They all are very good as I'm told.
--HW Labs Black Ice GT Xtreme 360, Swiftech MCR series, Feser, Thermochill, XSPC line I have not heard much, but seing more & more in use.

The Difference:
As I looked at them all and did the eenie meenie minee moe catch a Radiator by fill ports, the more I read and even more questions poped up. --HW Labs Black Ice GT Extreme 360 -2-pass Double-row Low Pressure Drop Radiator, designed for extreme ultra-high performance. Does this mean the water passes through two rows of tubing two times through the Radiator?

--XSPC RX360 -Triple row, dual pass. Does this mean that the water is passed through three rows of tubing two times?

--swiftechMCR Series -2-pass single-row low pressure drop radiator specifically developed for PC watercooling. Does this mean the water paases two times through the radiator but only has one row of tubing?

Now if these two radiators pass the water only two times through the radiator, what is the difference? And what makes one better than the other if they both are configured the same way? because I have heard and read many times how Feser is So great and Thermochill is also Very good.
--Thermochill -Dual row, dual pass, 14FPI core. Feser -Dual row, dual pass

The CPU Block:
As I'm told Current King is, Swiftech GTZ Extreme and then D-Tek Fuzion v2,
But I have also heard and read that Enzotech is Very good also. And this is why I even looked at either one of these, Everything I heard so far is the Brand = Quality Performance?
--Enzotech LUNA Full Copper Block (LGA 1366 Retention Module--Is Available) I have not seen any hard #'s to indicate how good or Bad! Other than one person on another board that did get it & stated that it was giving good low Temps. As State here
--Enzotech Sapphire Series SCW-Rev.A Extreme (LGA 1366 Retention Module--Is Available) Nice looking and read somewhere that is a good block.

--Cuplex HD / Cuplex XT DI, Was going with this one, BUT, Everything I have heard so far, It is MUCH MUCH to restrictive and should be avoided. But yet I keep seeing others that are useing it?

The GPU Block:
--XSPC Razor full cover, Could this have the same Quality as the Radiator they make?
--Koolance VID-487X2, seems like a good Block?
--EK-FC4870 X2 CF High Performance Water Block. As I'm told Very good Performance & yes it does look good in nickle.
--swiftech Caldera 4870X2. I'm just wondering if this block has the same Quality as the radiator they make.

The Pump: I was going to get the Aqua Computer Aquastream XT Ultra - Eheim USB Controlled 12 Volt (I have been told this is pretty much old school & doesn't do as well as the MCP655 or AP1510) The main reason why I even thought of going with this pump, you can monitor all aspects of operation through a software interface and it can be tied in to a Fan header on the mobo and it will shut down the system in the event of a failer. And just today as I was googling for all the correct component names and such that I needed for this post, I ran accross Someone doing the Aquastream XT Ultra Pump Flow Results

But more than likely I will go with either of these pumps.
--Alphacool AP1510 Centrifugal Pump 12 Volts
--MCP655 & I came accross this Über 655 Fully Modded (D5) 12 VDC

The Reservoir:
--Aqua Computer Aquatube Water Reservoir - 6 Port w/ Sight Glass But I have heard these are not easy to work with when filling the system.

The Fans: I was going to go with, -Panaflo- but I am seeing more & more posts on people using Yates. I would like good solid cooling with the least amount of noise, I know that better cooling means more noise, but I would like to keep it at the least amount as possible.
--Yates loon

The Tubing:
I'm not to sure yet, either Feser Or Tygon, but now that brings up yet another question, I was pertty much set to go with 1/2" ID, yet I still keep seing 3/8" & 7/6" tubing being used by many people as I lurk :) around yuppers I'm a lurker :)

The Fluid:
--Feser most likely, I have heard and read a lot that says it is one the of best and yes I do want to add a little color to the water.
And lastly, I will be going with the Bitspower fittings where I need or have to.

PS: Pix Will Follow As Soon As I Can. And Please Excuse the long Post, I normaly don't but, I figured I just might as well get it all in at once:)

Thank you In Advance
since you seem to have a good grasp on what you want and the various parts i will just recommend the follow parts for your loop.

Rads i would get any 2 of following rads in triple 120mm size.
Swiftech MCR series for a good price and performance (couple of degrees less then the thermochill/feser) use with medium speed fans
thermochill or feser for silence but a premium price. use low speed fans
XSPC RX series for in between thermochill and swiftech performance/price wise. use low-medium speed fans

2x Swiftech MCP355 with XSPC top res version

Swiftech Apogee GTZ
either the XSPC block or EK for me.
BUT i wouldn't waste 150-200 on a single use block on a card that is getting old.
i would get 4x Swiftech MCW60's and use ramsinks on the rest of the parts that need cooling. i would cut up all the old chipset heatsinks i have that i take from any pc i see on the side of the road.

Yate loons low, medium or high. they are good inexpensive fans and i wouldn't ever spend more then $10 on a fan other then delta's.
i personally went with and would go with highspeed and either undervolt them or put them on a fan controller.

Tygon or feser are good brands as you pointed out and go with either.
i have clearflex 60 right now but would/will change over to feser for coloured tubing or tygon for clear.

i use distilled water and PT nuke
if you want colour i would get coloured tubing first and if thats not good enough i would get feser's coolant.

i wouldn't waste my money with that stupid (IMO) bling'ed D5 Swiftech pump.
i wouldn't get the aplhacool pump either. the Swiftech MCP355 and MCP655 are the best 12 volt pumps out.
i wouldn't get the enzotec block or Cuplex blocks and stick with the current leader and upgradeable(i mean new socket style) apogee GTZ.
those black ice rads need high speed fans to be as good as the thermochill and feser rads and are crap for that reason.
with regards to the various row's of tubing i'm not sure on that part. but dual pass means it enters on one half of the rad and then flows back on the other, thus dual pass. one of the other crap rads from black ice, X flow i believe, is single pass and useless.

Oh and for parts i would get them from any of the follow top three stores for water cooling.
Petra's Tech Shop
Sidewinders Computers

i've personally used the first 2 and love them both. they both have excellent Customer Support.
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