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What Ultimately Determines Mouse Settings?

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Jan 12, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Earth
I have a Logitech G500s mouse. When I play a game, there's technically three pieces of software influencing the mouse's settings: Windows, the Logitech Gaming Software, and the game I'm playing (TF2, Overwatch, etc.). What if on one of those, you had mouse acceleration turned on, but on another you didn't? What if "raw input" was selected in the game? Does that change how the game influences the mouse's settings or Windows? In the Windows mouse settings, I just have the sensitivity at the very center and the acceleration turned on. I also have the acceleration turned on in the Logitech Gaming Software and the games I play. What would happen if even on one of those, it was turned off? Would the mouse's overall feel actually be different? I'm just very confused considering there's seemingly so many things influencing how the mouse functions and I don't know if any of them actually override or simply enhance each other.


Jan 2, 2012
I know that the logitech software overrides windows settings and I would guess that applications (games) override logitech software. I have never tested that though but it makes sense considering that you can change mouse settings in game.

Try some variations... interesting experiment.