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What water block/radiator do you recomend

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Jul 3, 2001
I want to install a water system on a 1.2Ghz Athlon TB AXIA overclocked to around 1.5 maybe, on a EPoX 8K7A+ , I need advise on what block, radiator, pump, and power supply to purchess. I'm new to the water cooling scene and am not sure what to look at, I also need some pointers on integrating the cooling system to cool my N/S bridge, GeForce2 ultra, and what about RAM??

Thanks a lot for any pointers given, I'm going to go start reading the reviews on your oc site, thanks again.

Howdy, welcome to the forums. =]

I'm just starting to get interested in watercooling myself so I can't offer too much help. I can tell you that most people here will suggest the DangerDen Maze series of waterblocks and enhiem(sp?) pumps. I've read good things about the DDcube radiator but it's expensive. You might conider visiting your local auto parts stores to check out what they have in the way of heater cores. They're cheaper and will do just as good a job, if not better.
Good call checkin' the reviews and "how to" articles. The people here really know what they're doing.
Hey Fishdog, welcome to the forum! I have the aquastealth kit found at http://www.aquastealth.com and have liked the results. I can fit the entire rig into my mid-atx case with some modifications :) Most people are going to recommend the dangerden kit and rightly so, however I got mine for 60 bucks used and cannot colmplain. I haven't done any video card cooling because my video card is really old and since I don't game at all it doesn't bother me.
go to a auto yard and get a transmission radiator from a truck. They are usually right in front of the main radiator zip tied on so they are reel ez to get at. I got mine for 3.50, all I had to do is clean it and straighten the fins. Or if you can find a old datsun. the heater core on those is pretty small. they are located in the dash so they are kind of hard to get at.
Yep, Danger Den Maze 2, Cooling Cube and a Danner Mag 7 pump if you want to fit it all in a full tower case. A heater core or bong cooler are other options.
Colin said:
Yep, Danger Den Maze 2, Cooling Cube and a Danner Mag 7 pump if you want to fit it all in a full tower case. A heater core or bong cooler are other options.

alright people after a couple of hrs installing the new Z4 the Aqua Sink and the Motherboard Water block.. All Bought from overclockershideout.com. I also purchase the Universal Hold Down Device And let me tell U it doesn't work with the Z4 nice with the maze just remember not to tighten it too much or SNAP U break the side parts on the cpu Just like I did anyway I fixed the problem buy buying some Plexiglass and made my own hold down devise with the 4 bolts around the Cpu. I think its a lot better then the side clips.. now for the temps... Notice the difference I bought a prob for all the test and its sitting right next to the core.. the system Z4 cooler with 156watt pelter and a 72 watt on the motherboard...

amd 1.4 overclocker to 1500 just for start
512 PC2100
GeForce2 pro 64 Getting the GeForce 3 ti
10000rpm HD maxtor SUCKS its The 2nd one from them and I hear clicking noises coming from the HD again after 3/4 full..

Temps at idle are from of CPU next to core is 15.2c back of Cpu is 28.0c
motherboard temps idle 14.4C not Bad:D

load CPU core temp 16.9c and back of Cpu is 31.0c
load Motherboard temps 17.0c

Z4 Is better then maze2-1 in all ways...
cool better and transfer heat real nice... no big difference in temps... Well this is the test I will be doing another test with the Z4 and the overclock-watercool new Block as soon as it comes out... replies welcome.. .Blackbox AKA wolfsid

Hack the World :cool: