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What water pump should I use?

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the creature

Apr 6, 2001
I thinking to cool down this:
A 1500 AMD CPU, GPU and the motherboard chipset (a Iwill KK-266-R)
I want to have a quit system.

I'm planning on buying the Cuben from DangerDen or AquaCoil from Be Cooling, what do you recommand me to buy?
Going to place the radiator on the top of my case and the pump on the bottom.
The system are going to be 3/8" tubing.

I'm planning on using a submersible pump. How much gph should the pump have? (The pump must push/suck the water furst up to the radiator, then down to the CPU, then down to the GPU, up to the cipsett, down to the resorvair and at last to the radiator)
Or what water-pump do you recomand me to use for this setup?

How large resorvair should I have?

Can I use the Eheim1048 pump for this, if yes how big must the resorvair be??


Cuben from DangerDen =http://www.dangerden.com/product_pages/radiators.htm
AquaCoil radiatoren from Be Cooling=http://www.aquastealth.com/
contact [email protected] you can get a reservior=+350 gph pump @ 80.00- the cubes are pretty much the same. you might even want a cube and a small radiator from becooling, put the cube at top rear and the single at lower front.
the eheim and magdrive pumps seem to be the most popular. Both radiators are good ones, but I have been slightly partial to dangerden.
the aquarium pumps are supposed to be of higher quaility ,,but I'm partial to "little giant" and "beckett" brands, they are quiet ,kick butt and are 1/2 the price of an almost identical aquarium pump ,, anything over 90gph is plenty
surlyjoe can you give a link to the little giant or beckett pumps you're recommending. I got this little giant 2-mdq-sc and it is just a monster. Do they make subtler ones.
I've got to agree with SurlyJoe, I just got a becket pump, and I love it. I picked up the 90GPH one for about 30 bucks, and it moves enough water to keep things cool for me. Just go to amazon.com and search for becket and pump. Then you can go price hunting all over the web with the model numbers.
Reilly wow brother, thanks I went to Amazon and found a Little Giant #566810 and had a Gift Certificate. There is no way to tell yet but this thing looks kick A-- woot. LINKAROO
Hey, I'm just Glad I could help. It looks like a pretty sweet pump. Be sure to let us know how everything works for you.
resurrection of an old post. Took a while to get to it but I just test ran the Amazon .com PUMP I mentioned and bought two posts up. Applied an old Memory priceing error Gift Certificate to get a great deal.
Dead quite, great flow, easy to set up, nice size, cheap as dirt, no vibration


There, sorry for screaming but now I have to build a pond LOL