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What waterblock to get

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Mar 19, 2001
Well I have tryed make my own waterblock for my cpu 3 times now and all 3 times it had leaks in it. There for I am go to buy a waterblock.

I just got the DD cube so Im a little low on cash anyone got any good waterblocks that arnt that much but still have good cooling?
get the maze 2 from DD it is the best. for real it is. get the one without the copper plate unless you are going to use a peltier i think it is about $45
You know the maze 2 maybe a good block but for use with a peltier I don't think it would be needed. The main purpose of it is to have water flow directly over the cpu core. Well while using a peltier the cold plate is on the core so it isn't as important to have the water traveling thru directly where the core would be. As long as what ever block your using has enough surface area to allow the water to carry the heat out of the block.

As far as a really cheap block goes. Becooling has an aluminum waterblock for around $15 dollars. If you want copper then it's gonna cost ya quit a bit more. As long as you run a little antifreeze in your system you shouldn't have to worry about the copper from your DD cube and aluminum block corroding each other.
get any dangerden block, they give the best results hands down and they have superior quality. You can get the Maze2 for optimal cooling, or you can get the earlier maze block. They both work really well and are of the highest quality.
I've got both.

And here's a thought... If you are going to be messing around with things for a while... then something that is really easy to remove (and perhaps if you need to) place an aircooler back on for a while. Is very very nice. On the other hand, if its going to be built, then not touched, then the maze 2 is gucci.

And another comment while i'm making them... if you do get a maze-2... think about glueing the screw's to the nylon bolts (on the bottom of the mobo side). I had mine fall off a few times (but then when i needed to remove them, i didn't have to take off the mobo).


an interesting feature of the Maze2 are the 18 internal changes of direction

I guess that's to provide some head for the pump to work against (?)
or to limit the flow rate (?)

be cool