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What will happen to the prices...

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Apr 18, 2001
Troy, NY
...of the GF3 series when the Ti4200 is released?

The Ti4200 is (I believe) supposed to be a better card than the GF3 Ti500, correct? If so, and the 4200 price range is the expected $179 to $199, where do you think the prices for GF3's are going to go?

GF3Ti500 - $130
GF3 Ti200 - $110

Pricewatch always has places selling even lower than that, so in a month or two, you think we could see sub-$100 GF3Tix00's??

At that point, if you're on a budget, what do you do?

Could splurge the $179 and get the lowend 4200, but what if that's about $80 over your budget?

Picking up a GF3Tix00 now for that price, and then waiting a year, and buying a GF4Ti4600 for about $150-$200 is looking like a pretty decent plan.


I want a new vid card now, to replace my GeForce 256 DDR. Right now, I have $124 put away for the purchase, with another $50 about to be added. Waiting is tough! :)


Senior Punk
Aug 27, 2001
Dark side of hell
You are forgetting one thing. AFAIK they are stopping production of the geforce 3's. So yes the prices will drop but there will be no more to replace the ones sold which could cause the price to stabilize if not rise with low inventories and a high demand. If I am wrong please post and correct me!!!!!