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what would be required

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New Member
Nov 4, 2018
Hello all,

First off I will give you all a bit of back ground about me. I have been building computers for about 18 years on and off and I want to step up my game a bit. With this in mind the loop cooling looks like a fun and challenging project. I have read a lot about how to do it and what parts I need and so on. I have a pretty good understanding about that. But even with that information I still have a question for you all.

So my purpose for the build I'm doing is to be able to OC my CPU and GPU. I have read about relidding and it seems like a fairly easy process to do it you have the right tools. With this in mind I need some help figuring out weather I need need more than just one loop or two.

My system will be built as followed (hopefully this will help out)
CPU: Intel I7 8086K 4 GHZ
GPU: MSI The Duke 1070TI
Mobo: Asus Max Code X
Hard drive: 970 Samsung EVO SSD 500GB
Hard drive: 1 TB Western Digital Blue 7200
RAM: Corsair - Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
Case: Thermaltake - Core X71 Tempered Glass Edition ATX Full Tower Case
Power supply: Corsair - HX Platinum 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

I plan on OC clocking the CPU to 5GHZ as this seems to be a very stable speed and voltage for it. The GPU I'm going to have to play with a bit because most of the stuff I have read and seen is using stock cooling.

Hopefully this is enough information to let you guys try to make a good recommendation. Thanks again and I will forward to the responses.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
One loop is fine.

For that system at 5 GHz CPU and overclocked GPU, I would recommend a total of 4x120mm worth of radiator to adequetely cover the wattage that system is outputting.

As far as delidding/relidding. That is up to you and typically not worth the risk or loss of warranty for the 100 MHz it may give you.


Jan 5, 2004
2 loop never really make sense for me , except in some rear case .minimum requirement is 120 mm rad space for each part and 2 x 120 for each overclocked , it all depend also on fan to be used and what speed / noise ratio .
this PC will be used for gaming mainly ?
i see a 970 evo is there some really very intensive disk task ?