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what would cause 2 hdd deaths?

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Jan 26, 2001
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I have changed basically everything in my system to get my hard drives to work...now I think it can ONLY be the hard drives.

I have changed

power supply

even with all these changed...the motherboards do not detect my hard drives...2 lovely hard drives with info that i didn't have time to back up...gone :(

has this ever happened to anyone else. and can anyone else tell me anything else to check...just in case it is not the hard drives that are not bad.
i had something similar happen to me the other day.. what may have happened is a volt spike if ure running off an unregulated PSU... do you have another system you could try these out in.. not just a swap out but like a fully fuctioning other sys with a boot hd in there so u could just slave ure bad ones and see if they run?

Just in case, I suppose you did that already, but did you test hdds one at a time and on different IDE channels, right ? because if testing both on the same channel just one broken could mess the bus so much as for not being able to see the other (working one).

Now, 2 drives failing at the same time is really very strange, but can happen. Are they the same make/model ?. Then their sensibility to external factors is very similar.... As pointed above, could have been caused by a spike, or quite big phisical damage... (computer falling down or similar).

I have tested them one at a time...both at the same time...I think my power supply was going bad as it is totally dead right now (I think). The two hard drives are in my sig...they are not the same make/model. I don't know if they are dead, but I have tried booting them on 3 different motherboards....they heated up, but the motherboards would not recognize them. In fact I didn't know the WD SE 80GB put out SO much heat...it burnt the sh*t out of my hand
For heavens sake, check the voltage of your 12v cables.. (use a volt-meter, not BIOS info) I nearly killed an entire computer due to a defective PSU that sparked 18v out on my 12v cables.. and that with no overclocking whatsoever.

Cheers, Flixotide
So did I.... until I checked the voltage... the PSU popped the fuse after 4 boots... almost gave me a heart attack had it fried my board or so.

Cheers, Flixotide