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What would happen if i do this?

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Aug 1, 2002
Suffolk, VA, USA
If i put a Duron 1.3gig into a motherboard that only supports Durons up to 950mhz? will the PC still power up? will the 1.3gigs work at 1.3gigs or the bios will automaticly make it work under 950mhz?

It may still work fine...

If it supports up to 133FSB you may be lucky! I have two motherboards here that 'only support' up to 1.2 processors, yet one of them has an XP2000 in it, and is recognised properly! So try it, you arent gonna damage anything (hopefully, it should be fine, but hey, murphys law)
Ok. cause my mobos FSB is 200 and the CPU my old one is the same, so the new one has same fsb. thats why i cant put in the T bird 1.33 266fsb cause its the wrong fsb.

it all depends how high of multiplier the board supports

say the board supports up to 1 gig
it might have up to the 10 multiplier 10x100 = 1000.
then if u put in a ship thats 10x133 = 1330 it should still work as long as the ram / pci is not running to high over spec.
but the board supports T birds 200mhz up to 1.3gigs. so i just thought since there was only Durons 950mhzs out when the board was released, i figured it would work. i just dont want to spend 40 bucks on duron 1300 and find out it wont work.

something im AMAZED no one else mentioned:

ALL DURONS over 1Ghz are morgan/palomino core based and include SSE instructions and in order to make use of them you *MUST* have a motherboard that will support it officially, otherwise although your duron MAY boot you wont be using its full potential, SSE may not mean much but as far as im conserned every bit helps, try seeing if the Mainboard has a BIOS update that will support it- otherwise atlhough it might boot you wont be using the full potential of the CPU
so your saying that if i put in the Duron 1.3gigs it wont give me all the power it has? but it will still run at 1300mhz rite? the only reason i am getting this is so i can play Raven Shield on a Faster CPU. my 850mhz duron isnt using the full potential and is lagging my geforce 3

i just want a faster clock speed to hold me off till the summer time

Karl for Raven Shield , I would look for atlest 1800mhz processor. Grab an 1600+ AGOIA Y cpu and a ThermalRight Sk7 w/tornado fan for $35 at heatsinkfactory.com "Total of around $100" and you should play Raven Shield pretty well. The only thing I could think of at the moment is your Geforce 3 is gona hold you back big time. Im siting here waiting to play Raven Shield as well. I worked my butt off to get the best parts for both pc's so my friend and I can own Raven Shield :) :::Representing Clan Gods:::
1999-2002. R.I.P "Mplayer Networks"
yeah but my mobo wont support Athlon XPs

well radeon 9700 is pretty good, but in my opinion i'll wait till another generation is released. and geforce 3 is still has some power left in it.
yeah ur gona own raven shield on all settings!

what im saying is that the duron will run at 1.3ghz, it just wont be able to use the SSE instruction set it has, which can be of some help to games that are optimized for it (similar to MMX and 3Dnow)

and you are quite correct- geforce 3 is still a very good card, i cant beleive someone would reccoemend a geforce 4MX over it, given that a GF4 MX is nothing more than a slighly faster and redressed GF2, geforce 3 beats the living crap out of all of the geforce 4MX cards and all radeons before the 128mb radeon 8500, which is slighlty better than geforce 3
i wouldnt get a radeon past 8500 series yet, they still have alot of bugs in them that need to be fixed and AGP 8X isnt working correctly on alot of the new radeons
note that i said geforce 3 is better than geforce 4 MX, not the TI, if you get a GF4 TI its better than a geforce 3, and geforce 3 wont be obsolete for at least another 2 years, whereas geforce 4mx will be obsolete in a year
personally im happy with my GF3, and am not going to upgrade till either the radeon 9700 pro bugs are worked out, or GF5 comes and its bugs are worked out.

to get the full potential out of your system and if you want your games to run well, you may as well swap the duron for an athlon XP, its only 10-20 bucks more to get an Athlon XP 1800+, which is 200mhz faster and has more cache then the duron (and also wont be obsolete in 6 months either like the duron will be) and make sure the board has a decent chipset, and that your HD runs 7200rpm for best performance (unless you use raid or scsi)- and i say all of this post from experience, my dad just tried to make a system similar to yours and it sucked, but i got him to take it back and get better componenets which he is haveing a very good time on because the games now run and look kick-*** (but he got a XP1900+)
BTW stay away from the FIC AT Fusion series boards, the onboard radeon graphics WILL NOT work unless you use windows NT, 2000, or XP, becase windows 95, 98, and ME WILL NOT be able to use those boards on board graphics chipset

also it would be best to make sure you have a board with DDR, at least PC2100 (266mhz)as it is now standard, if you can afford it get a 2700(333mhz) capable board with a KT333 chipset (KT400 still has alot of bugs), and i wouldnt go anything under 256mb of ram, 512 if you can afford it, and 768+ if cost isnt a factor
hi, i use a gefrorce2 ti and it runs all my new and old games fine. i have plans to upgrade up to an 8500 in the next couple months. just because i know its time to upgrade. i am just wondering what is your motherboard model, who puts it out?? also i am using a 1.3 ghz duron and its running fine. i dont have money to go out and buy a amd athlon xp 1600+.i built my computer the best for the least amount of money and it works great and i am not rich.i have tried to run cpu,s and mobo,s that doesnt support that type of cpu and it runs fine.
cool. yeah geforce 2 TIs can still run games good.

my mobo wont accept any AThlon XPs or T birds with 266mhz fbs

only Athlons with 200mhz or Durons

See if you can flash the bios so that it will reconize the 1.3. The chip should work just fine but the board will ONLY RUN IT at THE BOARDS MAX speed. So it will only run at 950, but like I said check out and see if you can flash it.
i dont know how to and i heard its dangerous. Plus i dont know if my board has any updates.
i checked at shuttle.com and i dont which is it. there are two AK12 Socket A updates.
and non of the updates make support for Duron 1.3gigs