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What would u reccomend for XP 2000 & Epox 8k5a2+

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Oct 23, 2001
United States

which one you would recommend for XP 2000 and Epox 8k5a2+ (I've just ordered)
I was reading poll about which one is the best and looks like Corsair is really good, should I go with this one??

Cosair costs you more but guaranteed to perform at its rating and for life. You only need the highly rated stuff (like 3200c2 and 3500c2) if you're going to overclock to those levels. Otherwise, save your money and buy the rating you're really going to use. :cool:
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I would buy the RAM at newegg.com, you may spend 5 bucks more then the cheapoest on pricewatch but thier service is worth it. as deep said get corsair XMS 3200C2 or 3500C2, I would get the XMS3200C it's 208, the 3500 is 230. Also I think with corsair XMS3200C2 you'll most likely have something else holding your FSB back and not memory.
marinkog, I'm running a 8k5a2+ and you'll see it can do at least 200Mhz FSB (see sig below). As ATC9001 notes, DDR rated at 3200 should service it well. I would recommend Cosair XMS3200c2.

I've had excellent service from Newegg, Mwave and Googlegear. You can find cheaper but having had a few problems over the years with various on-line resellers, I pay extra for the service. Of the 3, Newegg does have the highest reseller rating but the other 2 aren't too far behind.

Good luck and enjoy your new rig!! :cool:
Thanx for replies,

I don't think I can afford those prices $200,
of course you get good stuff for that money, but I can only afford around $100 or little bit higher,
and on epox's web site it says PC2700 does that mean they recommend 2700, but you can go higher like PC 3200??
of course if you can afford:)

When the mobo quotes PC2700 that is what it'll run stock (no overclocking). You can run PC3200 on the 8k5a2+ and use its capabilities if you overclock it. (If you don't overclock the 3200 to around 200 then you've wasted the extra dollars you spent and could have selected a lower rated memory.) You can also frequently overclock PC2700 memory too but not as high. Your ability to overclock PC2700 (or any level of memory) will vary from one to stick of memory to another.

I would recommend buying a good brand of memory such as critical, cosair or samsung if you can afford it. And you can always upgrade later since the potential within your mobo and cpu will always be there. :D