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What would you consider...........

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Jan 5, 2001
Which way would one think is a better setup?
A watercooled system with an inline pump like the enhiem that uses a large radiator and fan combo. This system does allow all components to be wihin the case yet has to be checked to insure that the small water supply has not evaporated. Filling and bleeding can be a pain also.
Or a system with a large external water supply, submerged pump with no fan or radiator. I have seen at various pet stores and online catalogs complete external pump systems with reservoirs of up to 5 gallons with a flow rate of up to 400gph. The problem here of course is the where to stick the tank, and some of these models are pricy (128 bucks for the large ones).
Just curious to know what you water users are using and how you manage. I currenty am still using my alpha air cooled system till my waterblock shows up. Then its crunch time as to which way I go..........
heheh well I use a small resivoir inside the case with a submersible pump an a radiator ,but a 5 gallon bucket works just fine if you dont mind a bucket of water sitting around the office :p