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what ya think of my full tower?

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Vey sharp, inside and out. Like the cable wraps too. Couldn't tell but do you have those for the IDE cables too?

I need to do something with the insides of mine soon and don't know what. 4 fans, 2 hard drives and 2 cdrom/dvds with digital and analog cables running everywhere make it a bit of a mess. Had to splice in a couple of additional power cables for my GeForce cooler as well. Definitely needs a facelift.
yes i have my 33,66 &floppy cables rounded and then i put them in 3/8 automotive conduit, i also put all of the powersuppy cables in the same conduit,
whish mine looked that good mines covered with duct tape and cardboard .....still experimenting with the direct exhaust port for the hsf ;D
Great Job man! Matter of fact, I have the same tower, just picked it up in Dec. What method did you use for cutting your side intakes? I noticed the sides are a lot thicker than my previous case and I hesitate to waste my time with a dremel again. To shorten it up a bit; You did an excellent job, hope mine turns out as clean.
i used a 4 1/4 holesaw from home depot $20.00 not bad at all
and yes it is fairly thick gauge sheet metal, thanks for the compliments guys, next is a couple of tempature probes
Nice job!! I gotta admit, I'm jealous over here! I didn't have that much open space in my box when it was bare!

Very professional looking......I think you should be a consultant for the major manufacturers. Store bought pc's usually look like someone threw a bowl of spaghetti on top of everything, and then slammed the case shut!

Well done, my friend!

Mr B
thanks guys ,and yes i only have a 40X i want to get a faster drive just not sure what drive. any ideas
Single pickup laser, there's not much point going above 40X in a CD-ROM Drive, as performance tends to drop off over 40x.

These 72x Kenwoods have two lasers, so they read two bits at a time.

If you do wanna upgrade to a DVD drive, go for it, but if your after a new CD, there's not a lot of point going for a faster CD.