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whats a good board for my xp1800?

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Jul 30, 2002
i got mine with a k7s5a,but system keeps crashing unoverclocked.so what should,most boards are rescrched have a 50/50 chance of crapping(epox) out or are over 100 bux if good.

so any 100/100 chance of beinggoo under 100 buck mboard?
Good boards (IMO):

Epox 8K3A/3A+
8K5 series
8kHA+ (a little dated, but still a great board.)
Almost all Abit Boards
Shuttle AK35-GT2 (KT333)

Check out the refurbs at newegg. There's some great deals on shuttle AK35-GT2 and GT2R ($55 and $66)
8k3a+ is the best overclocking board out there id say...the kt400 epox board sucks in the overclocking department now..vcore only goes to 2v..and vdimm only goes to 3v..along with a lower fsb max..go with the 8k3a+
lots of good things happening with the epox kt333 series.
i wouldnt mind trying one myself.
abit kt333 is good also, just kinda expensive side tho.
asus is in line behind those two.
KT133 - uses SDRAM, max FSB is 100 MHz
8K3A - (KT333 chipset) uses DDR, has 1/4 and 1/5 divider so it can run in spec at 100, 133 and 166 MHz FSB (200/266/333)

comparing those 2 is comparing apples and oranges. the KT133 is a chipset. It's used in lots of motherboards. The KT333 is also a chipset... The 8K3A is just one of MANY mobos that use the KT333 chipset.