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what's a good hsf?

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New Member
Feb 7, 2001
hi all. i was wondering what the best hsf would be for a 750 tbird. right now i have the tai-sol cek733092 that came with my cpu/mobo and my cpu temps range from 49 to 53c. this seems kind of high considering some of the temps people get at much higher speeds. also, i haven't overclocked my cpu yet so 750 means 750. i'm also running an a7v. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks
Wow, you're CPU is running very hot.
Get a Swiftech MC370-0A or MC462 from Swiftnets.com.
You have to wait for couple of weeks for the MC462. And if you don't want to wait that long, get the MC370-0A from www.pcboost.com. They have the MC370-0A for 49.99. This HSF is rated number one at Tomshardware.com. Beware that the delta fan is very loud. (Standard fan on the MC370-0A) If you don't want the noise, go with other fans such as Sunon or YS-Tech.

Good luck
if you don't mind the noise, get the fop38 from globalwin. has got a deltafan, too. darn, i love this baby! coolz you way down!!!!!
What is your board/case/room temp? Your temps
seem a little high, but I'm not familiar with your HSF.
With the right HSF, you should be able to get a
10-20 C differential.
My board temp is 35/37 and room temp is around 25. i don't know what my case temp is but i think its about the same as the mobo temp.
So, your differential is running about 14-16C. That's good. You should try to lower your board/case temperature, in my opinion. I keep my house at 20C year 'round and my board/case temps are also 20C. IE the airflow is capable of removing all heat generated by the components in the case. I use an
enlight 7237 with a no-name intake fan on the front cut-out and no-name exhause fan on the rear cut-out. The noise is not bad, but that's relative to the perceiver.