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Whats a good pump?

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Mar 31, 2002
I'm looking into watercooling and i was wondering what is a good and inexpensive water pump, i heard the RIO 180 was pretty good and only $10 which is cool, but i think it only works under water right? I think i might want to go with an inline pump rather than a submersible because i heard the submersible adds to the water temps. What do you guys think?
Thanks again :)
Hi, welcome to the forum! :D

I don’t know anything about the RIO 180, (it seems a little too cheep to me) but if you want a really good pump, get an Eheim. I just got a 1250 and I love it. It’s silent and can be run in or out of the water. The only drawback is that they’re a little pricey. But you get what you pay for. :)
Just remember that you get what you pay for. If you have around $70, Id get an Eheim and not worry about the pump. Cheaper pumps, I would suggest getting a MagDrive pump.
I was going to get a maxijet 1200 as well. But i'm concerned with the in and out sizes on it. Can anyone tell me how it comes and what you had to adapt it to to get it to work?
i guess ill get a maxijet :) now i gotta figure out how to make the money.. i think i might sell my hsf but not exactly sure how much i can sell it for. Its a Thermalright Sk6 with a delta fan, I believe i can sell it for over $20 though.
man, my fish are gonna be ****ed that im getting a water pump for my comp and not my fish :D
Anyway, thanks for all the info guys, i really appreciate it, in the past 3days ive spent over 15hours reading stuff on overclockers.com and links from this webpage, and you guys have helped me a lot and i really appreciate your help. again Thank you :)
inlet is like 5/8 or 3/4 i dont know but the outlet fits a 3/8hose over it very nice
and for adapting the inlet i wanted to make it reversable and not glue any fittings on it or anything... basicly i got a copper reducer a couple inches of 3/4in hose and 1 hose clamps and i did this
a closer look,

i did this to be inline and to fit my 3/8hose
i just measured the outlet!

its 1/2od and 3/8id! so that means that you can probably put your half in hose on it and clamp it good!

and another thing i like about these pumps is that they have a swival output... very nice!