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What's faster?

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Mar 25, 2001
256 MB PC 133 CAS2 at 133 memory speed on KT133 or 384 PC 100 CAS3 at 100mhz memory speed?
dump that pc100 asap before the prices really go through the floor! it is not that the speed of pc100 is so much slower than pc133, we are only talking 5-10% speed difference which you will hardly even notice, the issue is that it locks you into a fsb of no more than 110
aye the pc133 should kick butt. You may also want to try that new program that allows kt133 owners to enable 4 way memory interleave. Should give you about a 10 - 15 % performance boost in memory speed :) Heres the link:

I haven't tried it as I have a kt133a but others say it rocks :)