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What's is your favorite CS map?

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Aug 8, 2002
I was just wondering what all of ya'llz favorite counter-strike maps are. Mine is scoutzknivez. Whats yours?

O ya, u better not say dust............:mad: :mad: :mad:
back when i was addicted to CS many summers ago (about 70+ hours a week at least) i used to play cs_docks all the time, along with some assault, and once in awhile siege to mix it up. then they had to ruin CS, then even after i got over that, the cheating got so rampant i just gave up. i have never heard of that map, it must be new?
i guess. Basically it is a scout and knife shootout and the map is so simple yet so awsome. Sucks w/o np grav tho, but ive only seen i server not using low gravity
gotta say de_dust2, favourite map, best map(IMO, better than any others i play), n finally Clan map
n i do not like de_dust
When I used to play CS, (I've since moved on to better things *cough*DoD*cough*) I liked de_dust, cs_india, de_rats, cs_winternights(oh the memories), de_inferno, de_preditor, de_torn (awesome map), and de_storm.
my clan only plays DE maps .. as they are more "fair" to both sides, anyways here is my fav list :)


Occasionally when i liket o play CS maps

inferno is kick *** map .. there is this glitch in it though, i dont know if you guys know about it or not, from T spawning point you point in general direction of CT spawning fire away your weapons and you can kill some poor guy there :eek:
jeepathon6k! Heh, there's something really fun about speeding around a map in a shopping cart and pistoling random people. :D
Sometimes I really hate playing CS maps. I mean, in a CS map, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the CT objective to RESCUE THE HOSTAGES?! Nobody does it! :mad: