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What's my options in O/Cing with this equip. ???

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Nov 18, 2001
I'm running a 1.7 P-4 (478) on a Asus P4B266 mb with 384 megs of PC-2100 DDR ram..What are my o/cing options.. I've tried once to turn it up, but scrambled the hard drive.. Don't really want to do that again. so if any one is running the same at what fsb adn bios and voltage settings are you using...Any help would be great...Thanks all..
You should be able to do at least some overclocking - based on the little that I know. However, the 1.7's are williamettes and not northwoods and thus have larger architecture and require more voltage resulting in running hotter so not as overclockable as the northwood.

I've got a 1.8A (northwood) and I upped to 110fsb to get 2.0GHz. Everything seemed fine. Used native (1.5 in my case) voltage and everything else - just upped the FSB. Try upping FSB in small increments...don't go over 110 fsb to start with is the advice I've been given. I personally backed off my 110fsb until I get better case cooling.

Also - no idea about hard drive wigging out....
Scrambling a harddrive is generally because the PCI bus was too far out of spec. Try overclocking just a little bit at a time. With good cooling and sometimes a bit of a voltage increase, those 1.7 gig Willamettes will often do at least 1.9 gig or more. Try 106 FSB and see what happens. If that works, try increasing the FSB by a couple MHz increments until you reach 112 FSB (1.9 gig). If that works, try running at that speed for a while and see what your temps look like and test for stability. You might have to bump the voltage up a notch to reach your goal, but before you do that, make sure you have better than average cooling.