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What's the approximate lifetime of Northbridge / IOH of X58 motherboards ?

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Nov 8, 2015

My IOH idle temperature is about 70-80C and at load it goes to about 88C or something.
Intel recommends 100C max and as far as I know the PC by default would turn off once the IOH reaches 100C temperature, but I am wondering if I am risking anything by keeping the IOH run at 70-90C.

Does anyone have any idea of what the approximate lifetime of the IOH would be ? Are there any reasons I shall be worried about this or will it last long enough that there's no need of worrying ? I've read somewhere that running the IOH at 100C would make it last 114 years but I dont know if that's even true ..

By the way my motherboard is MSI X58 Pro-E and I am using a cheap 92mm fan to cool down the IOH a bit ( it only cools like 1/4 of the IOH because the CPU cooler takes much space ).

Other than that the voltage of the IOH is 1.15V due to overclocking.
The manufacturer you buy from sets a warranty range, so anything after that is a bonus :) My X99 & Z97 Saberkitties both have 5 years, so I'd bet on that.
I doubt that's the way it works..

I bought mine 5-6 months ago, MSI X58 Pro-E which is made in 2008 if I recall well and I have like 3 years of warranty.
I really doubt that I shall expect only 3 years and that anything after that is a bonus, well I have a friend who's been using different X58 motherboard since 2007 until 2016 and never had problems with it ( his IOH was usually 95-99C ).

When I think more about it .. HDDs have very long lifetime and there's much more work that they do ( spinning ) and the IOH pretty much doesnt do anything like that.

Is there anyone who knows for sure ?
There is no approximate way to know. Only the board manufacturer will know about the motherboard's parts lifespan. And even then they're not 100% dead sure. VRM's on motherboards have been known to fail within weeks/months or normal use.

Bishoff is correct. Each manufacturer sets their own warranty on each of their products. My board carries 3 years. Will it last that long? Who knows. I'll probably upgrade before the warranty runs out anyways.

Motherboards: from 3-5 years (depending on the manufacturer)
Before this one I used Asus M4N68T V2 motherboard for 5-6 years ( no overclocking ) and it didnt die, let's see how good this one will do.

Are you sure motherboards die within 3-5 years of usage ? I didnt know that the lifetime of the motherboards is that low ..
No, motherboards do not die within 3-5 years. They can die. The warranty period for motherboards is 3-5 years. Boards can last up to 10+ years. It's just the nature of the beast.

I've seen new boards fail and die within months, others have lasted 7+ years and still going strong. There's just no way of knowing what will happen and when.