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Whats The Best Case Around

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New Member
Nov 5, 2002
I recently built my first pc and got such satisfaction at saving money i want to now start overclocking. However after reading around on this forum i have come to realize that the case i purchased is crap.

I was hoping for some advice. Please could you post your opinions on what you consider to be the best case for overclocking (with room to eventually house a water cooling device).


Whats the best value for money case ?

Whats the best case when money is no object ?



Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

Well, some cases come equipped with refridgeration units, but they're quite expensive. A good case is one that's large and easy to mod, with a lot of fan mounts already built-in. Most people like the value of antec/cheiftec cases. They go for $60 to 80 (US) online, and often offer great value if you buy one that includes a nice power supply unit. Lian Li aluminum cases are very nice-looking but quite expensive compared to their steel counterparts.

Top Hat Theater

Jul 24, 2002
Lost in Thought
After I purchased one Lian Li case, the PC61, I've only used Lian Li cases since. I love them even though they like to break my wallet. I try to use them for clients whenever possible. The PC71 has plenty of room for watercooling purposes.


Fred Koser

Oct 19, 2002
St Petersburg, FL
I've used the Antec/Chieftech 8xx and 10xx "Dragon" cases and they are totally awesome - especially for the price. I think the 8xx are too small to work in, but I would highly recommend the 10xx cases.
That said I recently moved my rig into a Lian-Li PC-70 (with the PC-75 side panel) and I really love it. Because of the aluminum it doesn't have the "Heavy/Sturdy/Stand-on-Me" feel of the Antecs, but it sure it pretty. I'll probably stick with Lian-Li in the future, but I still love the Antecs.
Basicly - you can't go wrong. Either case is awesome.

You also might want to look at some of the other "legendary" cases (i.e. Lite-On FS020, Addtronics 7896-120-90, etc.) at:


And see:


for some great Modding ideas.