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Whats the best cooling solution for the Voodoo 5

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Jan 8, 2001
I am thinking about getting the blue orb for my voodoo 5 5500 AGP card and was wondering if there much better than the stock heatsink and fan on the card. They are cooling ok right now but its a little on the warm side for my liking.
I have 2 blorbs on my Voodoo5, is it better then the stock HSF? Yes, the blorbs technically are better. Are they the best cooling solution? No. I put the 2 blorbs on because it was running pretty hot, and just wanted to cool it off a bit, not because I was looking for a big overclock or anything. Oh yeah, and because it looks really cool :)

Now if you looking to do the same thing that I did, sure, go for the blorbs, but if you looking to overclock and that sorta thing, I would get some cheap Socket7 HSF's at like Radio Shack, and just pop them on there.
ok heres what i di 4 my geforce, whip out an old stock pentium heatsink with a fan, add super glue, and thermal past ~~envola~~ u got ure self a gpu cooler.