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Whats the best Heatsink for a 1ghz T-Bird that will fit a Abit KT7A Raid?

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I'm not saying this is the best but I'm using the Alpha PAL 6035 with Y.S. Tech fans. No load temp = 34c. Heavy load temp =45c.
DataCom2001 (Apr 24, 2001 09:14 p.m.):
Whats the best heatsink for a 1ghz T-Bird on a Abit
KT7A Raid?


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Get a Millennium Copper Glaciator, that one is the best. There's a preview here at oc'ers, somewhere in the articles. Kicks butt.
I have the Alpha 6035 with artic silver 2.It is a good sink but cannot handle my system at anything above 1333.

The swiftech is said to be the best but I would first want to see it tested with a 1.2 or 1.33 that is o/ced to like 1.4 or 1.5 before I agree that it is the best out there.
I'm using the PAL6035 right now and i'm real happy with it.The Glaciator isn't out right now but will be soon,Go to their web site and you can put a preoder in and you might get it quicker that way,I'v had mine in since the first time i read about it on OCers.com.
A thermo engine with a delta 7000 rpm fan on it seems to come out tops in the tests..38c full load
Just the fan makes one hell of a noise....