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Whats the best Heatsink? (no fan) Besides Blizzard370 and Hedgehog that is :-)

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Feb 9, 2001
I want to take the fan off of the Volcano II (36cfm @ 31.5db) and place it on a better heatsink, that is easier to install.

Would it be possible to get a FOP32-1 and swap the fans? and just use the fan that comes on the FOP32-1 as an extra case fan or something?

I want the BEST CPU cooling I can get without breaking the bank, or having more then about 36db of noise.

I was going to get a FOP38 and do the 7V trick to it, but I've been reading that the Pal6035 is better anyway! I am so confused :) It never ends...

What ever I get I'll be using Arctic Silver II with it, so I should get ok cooling.

I am going to get a Kt7a-Raid and either a T-Bird 900 or 950, and O/C as far as it will go. I'm really aiming for 1100+Mhz, with of course 1200Mhz being the ultimate goal :)

yeah the s7new and the core are great (ocworkbench.com roundup), but if u want good cooling, easy installation, and plenty of room for improvement (different fans), b/c the heatsink works excellent. then go vantec, u'll love that clip.


amd tbird 800@1000 (7.5x133)
"New" Vantec cooler (gotta love that clip)
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