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Whats the best hsf to oc an 1 ghz t-bird?

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Alpha PEP66 or Hedgehog with YS-Tech fan.
If you don't mind the noise, go with delta 38cfm fan....but I don't recommend it.
Oh...Swiftech MC462 is a huge HSF that will rock...but will cost you around 80 dollars.
Oh yeah!
Here are uptodate Heatsink Tests compailed with Joe's efforts at our very own Overclockers.com!
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Heatsink___________________Ambient__TEC Coldside_Performance
Retail Intel Heatsink (benchmark)____83.1____64.8________18.3
Alpha PEP66 w/Delta 38cfm fan____ 79.5____42.3________37.2
Alpha PAL6035 w/Delta 38cfm fan __ 76.3____40.1________36.2
Kanie Hedgehog w/Delta 38cfm fan__78.3____48.6________29.7
Alpha PEP66 w/Sunon 23.5cfm fan__ 79.5____51.8________27.7
Agilent Arcticooler_______________ 79.3____54.5________24.8
Kanie Hedgehog w/YS Tech 26cfm fan_73.0___48.9________24.4
GlobalWin FOP38 w/Delta 38cfm fan__75.2___ 51.8________23.4
Swiftech MC370 w/Delta 38cfm fan___ 77.9___55.2________22.7
Vantec FCE-62540D______________81.3___59.5________21.8
Ofrio w/Delta 38cfm fan____________ 81.7___66.7________15.0
OCZ quad-fan cooler (noisiest so far)__81.5___67.3________14.2
Thermosonic Thermoengine_________81.7 never stabilized failed

(All this info is taken from [email protected], see "http://www.2cooltek.com/revised_test.html" for more indepth info including links.)

Hope all this helps! = )
this is for my brothers computer and he doesn't want to much noise . Me I could care less about noise I'm running an alpha p3125 with 2 delta 38cfm fans on my 733. =)