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What's the better motherboard?

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Apr 15, 2001
Chicago, IL
Looking to upgrade: What's the better P4 motherboard?

Abit AI7

Asus P4P800

DFI 875 Lanparty Pro

I'm more than a bit fed up with NF2 in light of the recent problems that it has with CPC and 512mb ddr modules, (which tends to hamper overclocks/stability) and the fact that with only 512mb, (2x256 mushkin special promo build, BH-5 chips) the swap keeps getting hit heavily while playing ut2k4/BF:V..The fact that the OCZ EB modules appear to be very hit or miss with NF2 in general aren't appealing to me either.

With the onset of nf3, and the fact that nf2 seems to quickly becoming budget legacy technology, (as I perceive it) NVidia seems to have less incentive to keep an updated driver set for nf2 as well...the problems they've had with getting a reliable native ide driver doesn't help either.

the setup:
XP2500+ mobile (I've gone to about 205x11.5, vdimm 2.8, vcore 1.7 with it so far)
NF7-S v.2
SLK-900 heatsink w/80mm blue led thermaltake smartfan2
2x256 Mushkin Special Promo Build Pc3200 (BH5)
FIC radeon 9700
seagate 7200rpm 2mb cache 120gb hdd
pioneer 16x slotload dvd
fortron/source aurora 350w p/s-blue led 120 fan
chieftec dragon mini-mid case (antec sx635 clone)

I've been on the fence for the longest time about this, what sort of performance change would I see going back to Intel?

Which of the top motherboards might be a good setup to upgrade to--Also, I'd probably be looking at a 2.6/2.8c northwood for the cpu. (prescott way too hot, as it seems to be)

Lastly, what's a good memory match--OCZ EB modules, or Komusa AData modules?

Thank you.
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