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What's the deal with 7 and RAID 5

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Nov 5, 2009
I've done some looking around and can't seem to find a straight answer, so I thought I'd bring it to my "brain trust." RAID 5 and Windows 7 don't get along.

I've got 4x WD 1.5TB drives and a Seagate 500GB drive. The Seagate drive is where windows 7 is installed, and I'm trying to set up a new RAID 5 array with the WD drives. I set my storage configuration in the BIOS, then Create New Volume in the RAID setup... all good, no issues. Then restart and try to load Windows from the non-RAID drive, blue screen and restarts. Then when I swich my storage configuration back to IDE (not RAID) in the BIOS, it loads fine (Disk Management shows all drives online and unpartitioned). Also tried software RAID, but RAID 5 is greyed out in disk management.
My next step is trying to reinstall Windows on the new RAID volume and see if that helps, but I was wondering if anyone has run into this before.

Base model Asus P5Q (onboard RAID 5 support)
4 WD drives + 1 Seagate Drive
Window 7 x64 Ultimate RTM


Feb 26, 2003
you cant change you're bios to RAID if it was not set as RAID when you installed windows, you need to do a repair install of Windows so it can load the proper drivers to work with Raid.