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whats the dif between tyan s2460 and s2466N?

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howdy all,

I thought I'd sum up what I found about the differences between the two abovementioned boards, in hopes of stirring up some discussion and thereby better educate myself...

1) The 2460 takes up to 3 Gig of registered PC2100 DDR.
The 2466 takes up to 4 Gig of PC2100 DDR.

this may seem a ridiculous question at this late date, but I haven't been building systems for the last year. what is the difference between registered memory and regular memory? will a mobo that supports registered memory also support regular? this would probably be best answered with a link to where I can read up and cure my ignorance, but all input is encouraged.

2) The 2460 has (2) 32 bit PCI slots and (4) 64 bit PCI slots.
The 2466 has (4) 32 bit PCI slots and (2) 32 bit PCI slots.

and of course both board share a slot with a 64 bit PCI and the AGP slot. I guess I'm REALLY behind, because I don't have anything that requires a 64 bit PCI slot. also the stats for the 2466 board list the 32 bit slots as 5 volt, and the 64 bit slots as 3.3 volt. Are there new PCI cards that run on 3.3 volts and what happens if I put one in a 5 volt slot? or would it even fit?

3) the 2460's stats on Tyan's site specify that the 5 volt supply MUST be able to supply at least 30 A. the 2466 has the 12 volt auxiliary plug and a standard drive connector plug to provide extra power to the board.

4) the vendor ad I'm reading for the 2460 states that the board DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY GEFORCE3 CARD! wtf? I can't find any info on the vendor site or Tyan's site about why this statement appears on this board. neither does this warning appear on the ad for the 2466 board.

that seems to be the meat & potatoes of the differences between the boards. I would guess the price increase on the 2466 has something to do with support for non-registered RAM? any info regarding the above boards (and my associated questions) will be appreciated, since I am preparing to purchase a multi-processor board.


2460 is an older board with the 760mp chipset with very limited overclocking ablity but will run durons or tbirds.

2466 is newer board with 760 mpx chipset and is capable of running with duron morgan, xp, or mp cpus only