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What's the difference between a GeForce and a Cuadro?

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Apr 17, 2001
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I was reading a mod for changing a Geforce 2 to a Quadro or Cuadro system, but I don't know waht the h*** is a Cuadro system. Can someone shed some light to this, please
According to NVIDIA, in order to set the Quadro apart from the GeForce certain features were “enabled” on the Quadro that were left disabled on the GeForce since the latter was not intended to be a high end solution. Among these features is enhanced support for anti-aliased points and lines, which although isn’t a commonly used feature with most users, was an extremely poor performance point for the GeForce. The Quadro also features a peak triangle rate of 17 million triangles per second up from the GeForce’s 10 – 15 million triangles per second. While these settings could potentially be “enabled” on the GeForce through driver tweaks/registry hacks, it is unclear exactly what methods NVIDIA went to in order to make sure that they were disabled on the GeForce.

Taken from a Quadro card review here:

The only way that I am aware that works to create the Quadro is the moving of components which obviously greatly depends on your soldering skills.
In real world terms as someone who has done this modification on a Elsa Gforce, I got a increase of 4 fps when playing Q3 and the card appears to be able to run more detail in the game without suffering the same degree of slowdown as the standard Gforce, The Quadro modification also appears to handle Photoshop and 3D Studio Max a great deal easier from my personal opinions.
I would however consider improving the cooling on the Gforce before attempting the mod as the GPU gets a bit hot, and if you have a fan that draws power from the graphics card relocating the power supply source is also wise
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Ok, and all is needed is to change some resistors?

I'll be looking to do it, as soon as I get the courage to do it.....THKS
I would also recomend doing the dip switch version. After you have installed the drivers for the quadro and Geforce you can switch back and forth between them (while the computer is off). I have also noticed that you can run at high detail levels and anti-aliasing without as much slowdown.