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What's the quietest or best cooling w/o watercooling RX 480?

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Oct 18, 2002
Los Angeles
So I'm looking at XFX because they give out a lifetime warranty if you buy their cards through bestbuy, I don't think there's another manufacturer that does this, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also the card must be 8gb...

This narrows it down to


One is a blower style cooler the other is "dual dissipation"... Which will allow me to overclock the quietest?

If you have a different card in mind that has better cooling than either of these on air please let me know, I might be willing to let go of the lifetime warranty if i can get better cooling/quieter performance.
The DD will cool better and be quieter than the blower card. The blower is a reference card and overclocking on them is limited no matter who makes it. There have been some good reports regarding the Gigabyte cards, too. It seems to be recommended here at OCF the most.
Best cooler/quietest according to what I've read is the MSI Gaming 480.

Worst PCB components/design is the Gigabyte and Powercolor.

Best PCB components/Design is the Asus, XFX, Nitro and MSI (Asus being over engineered basically)

I think the gigabyte is being suggested a lot because it always seems to be priced well and will do the job fine. Everywhere I see card comparisons it's not rated very highly.
Good to know. I had no problems with my previous XFX cards, and the warranty was never used but nice to know it was there. I'm not a fan of MSI, so I would probably trade a db or two for the Asus or XFX, but there probably aren't many "bad" cards out there.
The second XFX you listed is the GTR model which is one of the best 480's out. It is argued to have some of the best binned GPU cores on the market right now and the cooler is dead quiet. I personally have the Sapphire Nitro's because they are a shorter PCB and it fit my build better, but the XFX cards are undeniably quieter. The card is basically a 390 with the 480 GPU on it as far as components go, since the 480 consumes about half the power everything is super overkill on the card.
Also forgot to mention the HIS Roaring RX 480 shares the same PCB as the XFX GTR cards, not sure if the cooler is quite as good.
HIS fans are not spinning below ~60*C. Above that is not so loud. It gets louder when gpu temp is passing ~75*C. Everyone has its own scale of noise but I can say that under full load it's clearly louder than the reference GTX1070 and is about as loud as ASUS GTX980 Strix. Not bad but could be better. On the other hand I can't say if any other RX480 generate less noise as I simply had no chance to compare.
I have the highest HIS version and it runs with Deepcool AIO cooling.