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Whats too hot??

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Apr 3, 2001
I'm new to this so any help will be very usefull.I'm running a 800eb at 870 and the temps under load(playing unreal tournament) reach 52C and 125F.Is this too hot?I'm using a A-BIT BE -II v1.2.Right now it just has the HSF that came with the chip.I did add Artic silver and it dropped 50F.HSF Ideas anyone to upgrade to.The CPU volts are 1.70 and the I/O is 3.60.The front side bus is 144 with the CPU mult at x7.Is everything ok?please help.
52C is getting quite hot. I wouldn't like to have mine at that temperature. What type of Heatsink/Fan do you have. You might want to look into getting a new one. The normal temp range is about 35C
its the intel heat sink and fan.Will the PEP66 fit on there without giving up any of my space for a memory stick,its a slot 1 board?
Friend is running his 733 at 145 f daily......yea it's hot and preforming well......define "too" hot.

Intel says they can run to 185 f but the friends machine brings the room temp of his office up 15 degrees! hehe

I DON'T recommend this to anyone! Just hard headed friends!
52C is kinda hot - very little headroom for summer

I am assuming you are using an FCPGA chip on a slotket> I tried both the PAL and the PEP, and as long as you have the space get the PAL- it's at least 3C lower and a better investment should ou go to a FCPGA or socket A mobo in the future. Just make sure you do not need the first row of ram.